Ph.D. Student

Data Mining Lab,
School of Computer Science and Engineering,
University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

Email: zhongzhang[at]std[dot]uestc[dot]edu[dot]cn
Secondary Email: zhongzhang[dot]me[at]gmail[dot]com

Address: Qingshuihe Campus:No.2006, Xiyuan Ave, West Hi-Tech Zone, 611731, Chengdu, Sichuan, P.R.China

About Me

I am currently a Ph.D. student in Computer Science and Technology at Data Mining Lab, School of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC). I graduated from UESTC in 2016 with B.Eng. degree in Computer Science. Then I continued to have my Master’s study the same year. In 2018, I started my Ph.D. study under the supervision of Prof. Junming Shao. I will graduate in June, 2022.

Feel free to contact and discuss with me!

Research Interests

My research interests include Data Mining and Machine Learning.
Specifically, I am interested in: clustering, low-rank model, optimization and data mining in medicine.

I am now working on Natural Language Processing.


  1. Junming Shao, Zhong Zhang, Zhongjing Yu, Jun Wang, Yi Zhao, Qinli Yang. Community Detection and Link Prediction via Cluster-driven Low-rank Matrix Completion. IJCAI, 2019. (CCF A)
  2. Zhong Zhang, Chongming Gao, Chongzhi Liu, Qinli Yang, Junming Shao. Towards Robust Arbitrarily Oriented Subspace Clustering. DASFAA, 2019. (CCF B) [Best Paper Award]
  3. Zhong Zhang, Didi Kang, Chongming Gao, Junming Shao. SemiSync: Semi-supervised Clustering by Synchronization. DASFAA, 2019. (CCF B)
  4. Chongming Gao, shuai yuan, Zhong Zhang, Hongzhi Yin, Junming Shao. BLOMA: Explain Collaborative Filtering via Boosted Local Rank-One Matrix Approximation. DASFAA, 2019. (CCF B)
  5. Zhong Zhang, Zhili Qin, Peiyan Li, Qinli Yang, Junming Shao. Multi-view Discriminative Learning via Joint Non-negative Matrix Factorization. DASFAA, 2018. (CCF B)
  6. Junming Shao, Qinli Yang, Zhong Zhang, Jinhu Liu, Stefan Kramer. Graph Clustering with Local Density-Cut. DASFAA, 2018. (CCF B)
  7. Sugai Liang, Yinfei Li, Zhong Zhang, et al. Classification of First-Episode Schizophrenia Using Multimodal Brain Features: A Combined Structural and Diffusion Imaging Study[J]. Schizophrenia Bulletin, 2018. (JCR 一区)
  8. Xiuli Song, Zhong Zhang, Rui Zhang, Miye Wang, Tao Li, Junming Shao, Xiaohong Ma. Predictive Markers of Depression in Diabetes Mellitus. Medicine, 2018, 97(32): e11768. (SCI)

Teaching Assistant

2019.03 - 2019.07 Data Mining and Big Data Analysis (For Undergraduate Students)

2017.03 - 2017.07 Big Data Analysis and Mining (For Graduate Students)

2016.09 - 2017.01 Probability and Statistics (For Undergraduate Students, EN)

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